Friends I Can’t Wait to Meet – A SHORT LETTER

From: Vasitha

To: Friend


Dear you,

You would have to bear with my social awkwardness and get used to the fact that it may seem like I want to kill you, even though I really don’t just stay assured…                       After a few weeks pass and we become more acquainted, you might think I am doing everything to avoid you because that is exactly it. At this stage I will be terrified to break the little we have so which I would rather leave it right where it is; not progressing, not receding just staying put. But I love you and after the stay put phase disappears I will hold you hand through your ups and downs because I know that you will do the same for me because you are just too damn important to me and I hope I am just as important to you.

Yours sincerely,



Low Budget Summer activities

The summer has finally arrived and all we want to do is enjoy it, but if you are a teenager or just a person chances are you might be broke. So here are a few activities that won’t make you live on the streets in the fall.

Have a Movie Night

Going to the movies can be so expensive but there are a bunch of ways to have a low cost or even completely cost-free movie night. You can always rent a movie and if you have a projector you can grab a white sheet tie it to a clothes lines or trees… or whatever can watch the movie away. But there are even cheaper ways to enjoy some moving pictures. If you have some home movies you can take a time machine and watch some siblings or even parents when they were kids.If you have a some really close family friends you ca invite them and all of you can share your past with them and I guarantee you will not regret it and have a blast!

Go sky gazing

You can have so much fun just disconnecting from the digital world around and just enjoy staring at the starry night. I find that where I live, the sky mysteriously becomes super clear during the summer time. When the sky is so clear, I will just stay outside for hours watching the sky and I am also a big astronomy geek so I would a book of stars … or use my phone to find planets or satellites, stars or constellations. It can be really cool to just watch appreciate nature and enjoy the skies.

Host a cooking show

This can be so fun if you gather a group of friends that cannot cook. You can host MasterChef: Non-cooks edition! I personally enjoying cooking, even though I’m not very good and when my friends come over it makes it 10x more fun. Generally, challenges are set where we have to use certain foods in a time limit, so basically MasterChef. Definalty one of my favourite things also because the food that we make turn out fine, but there is a mess afterwards.

Take photos/ video


Capture the beautiful moments that you will experience over the break even if you just stay on your bed all day. I promise you that there is always something interesting and creative lurking around, even in your backyard so just look for them.

Go Thrifting

Shopping for summer clothes is so fun but, shopping can get so expensive… but that’s why thrift stores exist. If you don’t thrift shop already I have no idea why. It is so fun and you can get clothes that no one else has, grab some ultra cool vintage pants and it’s super cheap. You might even become the next girl boys. If you can give yourself a budget of  $10 and try to find a complete outfit, I assure you will not be disappointed and even feel ecstatic that you got an outfit for such little money.

If you are also thinking of getting vintage stuff for even less you can always look through some of your parents, aunts/uncles or grandparents closets and ask of you can take anything that hey don wear anymore.


This one might not be for everyone and that’s completely fine but if you are one that enjoys helping out, you can volunteer at a local organisation. This can be a shelter,  an orphanage, a soup kitchen or anything really. It can be so fulfilling knowing that you helped someone for the sole purpose of helping. It is also just a great experience.


The featured photo for this post is a DIY recycled dreamcatcher. I feel like this is a great example but, you should be creative with your DIYs so I’m going to leave it there.

Have fun!




Taking Time OFF

Hey, Guys, I have not posted in a while and this will probably be my last post for a while and this is because I will be taking some time off blogging to focus on some personal stuff. I really wish I could keep blogging but that will just not be possible so I thought it would be fair at least to you guys know.

Thanks for your support

My first Zine

So I wanted to spontaneous and creative and so I had been reading about these things called zines. For those of you who do not know what a zine is, a zine a piece of self-published content of original or appropriated texts and images. I find this really cool especially because they were super popular in like the 90s and overtime lost their popularity but some people still do them today so I decided to join that little boat.

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The reason I decided to even make a zine is because I  gave myself a little challenge to become more creative. I told myself I would have to finish a project within a month with something I am not super comfortable with which in this case was paint. I am definitely no Picasso but I think Im way better on the pencil, but I always thought that it looked so cool people creating stunning pieces of artwork with a paintbrush so I wanted to feel that way, cool. The zine is about finding happiness but I  want to leave it open to interpretation. I don’t want to get into the meaning because I believe artwork is a different experience for everyone so I’ll leave it at that.

Have a good day!

Self-Care Routine

Hey guys, I wanted to know if we all have a self-care routine. It is important to de-stress especially when in feeling tensed, stressed unmotivated and emotionally unstable, but you may also feel like there is no time for self-care because of how hectic things feel. I wanted to share my self-care routine with you guys, and it isn’t super time-consuming.


A very big part of my self-care routine is music. Between playing my guitar or just listening to music, this helps me forget about my problems and just makes me feel calm and relaxed in the moment. Music is a really good distraction for me and I use it anytime I can to help me keep focused, and that sounds really contradictory, but it really helps me stay in the zoom and distracted at the same time if that makes sense… I recently posted my March playlist so please check it out if you are interested at


I was not ever a reader, but I’m forcing myself to read regularly because 1. its fun and 2. It’s relaxing and 3. It’s educational. Reading is such a great way to distress eswp-1486911299383.jpegpecially if you read a fiction book. The book that I have been enjoying is the perks of being a wallflower. By reading fiction books you are forced to get indulged into this different world and let your imagination run wild.


It’s not a surprise that journaling is a great way to get rid of the stress. I started journaling probably in January. I journal because it helps me keep a record of where I am in life. A mistake that many people come across in the beginning including myself, is filtering out what we write in our journals. It is essential to write down every bit of emotion and activities that happened during the day. I know for one that when I filtered stuff in my journal, it was because I didn’t want to acknowledge that that was how I felt to that point, and after journaling, I would feel like I accomplished nothing until I actually started writing down every bit. When I started acknowledging things and writing them down I felt like a weight off my shoulders because I felt like I don’t have to bare it in my heart anymore without sharing it with anyone and it was in a safe place.

Hey guys so I have exciting news, my blog is now on Bloglovin so please check it out

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Getting way out of my comfort zone

I love to sing and I’ve been doing ever since I was young, in my bedroom. People were always so critical about my voice and from hearing that I couldn’t sing from such a young age like 6 or 7 I just grew up thinking it was better to just stay quiet. I got so embarrassed about my own voice I just shut it off from everyone even myself. I believed that I couldn’t sing that singing became painful for me. I’d get so frustrated when I’d sing away from the world, that I just stopped altogether.

After being quiet for so long, I learned I could sing and I knew that and was proud of it. My voice was so different and that is why people were always saying I couldn’t sing but I still wasn’t ready to sing in front of a crowd or audience. I wanted to be a singer when I was younger and even now that dream stills on, but how could I be a singer that never even been on stage. I decided that it was the time that I actually start living up to my dreams and not other people’s expectations.

At my school, we have this thing called MTV night which is a night where video creators can show some of their projects and were people can basically show off their talents. I decided I wanted to finally have a stage and an audience so I audience with this girl in my class and we both got in. We performed writing on the wall and the crowd loved it.

lorde singing.jpeg

I honestly felt like Lorde performing, I felt fierce. I got a compliment from like the schools best singer which of course felt great but I made people feel bad which felt great. I don’t mean it in a mean way it’s just when people saw my name has a performer they thought I would be so bad and so funny and I shut them up and I lived up to my own expectations and I felt powerful and strong and not underestimated.

I got out of my comfort zone and it was probably my best experience from this school year and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I didn’t want to be known as the quiet girl that tries to sing but rather can. I proved to people they were wrong and more importantly, I proved to myself that they were wrong, and so can you.


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